Tuesday, November 23, 2010

trying to get better at marketing and previews

I have to admit I made a lot of mistakes working on the first issue of Brer Warrior and working (and getting ready to promote) the second issue I hope I learned enough from mistakes to do a better job. Though I am sure I will still make some mistakes (hopefully different ones that I will learn from)

of course somethings I'm not sure if they where mistakes or not.

For example for Brer Warrior #1 I put up over half the book on this site for people to preview. I wonder if people liked it or not. how many of you bought the book reading those previews. How many didn't buy the book because of them and how many are still on the fence.

should I do the same for the next issue, if show should I do it in the same format (a page a week) or a new format.

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