Thursday, November 11, 2010

Issue 2 of Brer Warrior will be delayed about a month. See last month my water heated busted. It took be this long to a. get the basement cleaned up so there room to bring a new water heater down and put it in b. pay for the heater and c. set up a day that works for the guy putting in the heater.

since the water heater was broken (and spraying water) I had my water shut off and I was crashing at my brother's place. The art for Brer Warrior issue two is at my computer at home and during the month I was staying at my little brother's and his family's pad I hadn't had much time to work on the art.

I'm now working on all the fixes, inks I need to on the art for the comic.

between this and my computer getting a virus there have been some big road blocks getting this issue out. Hopefully I wont get any bad news that will keep me form working on it (of course if something really good happens that takes my time i guess that's ok)

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