Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sometimes you just have to keep on going

I new the comic book market was small way before I published my first book and the fact that I only have a shoe string budget to promote my work I was expecting huge sales.

But even knowing that the sales still manage to be much lower then I thought they would be.

low enough that I am sure most people would throw in the towel.

But this is what I want to do and so I can't see giving up on comics even if I have yet reach my market. Because I'm happy just getting stuff out. Of course I hope to be able to make a living off of this some day. But right now that's not happening (but it will soon I am sure)

But where it's easy to say that I should do something else I can't see doing that (even if I just keep doing this on the side)

I've been thinking if I should keep on doing Brer Warrior or do something else. I think I may take a break and work on something else. Of course I thought I would be alternating between two titles (brer warrior and something else) when I was still working on the first issue of Brer Warrior but instead of working on that project I decided to do Brer Warrior issue 2. So well see if that will happen again or will I actually pop off on of the many other ideals I have jotted down or that's flying around in my head.

But I'm still working on the second of Brer Warrior so well see when I wrap up. with that.

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M. Rasheed said...

When I frst started Monsters 101 back in Spring 2000, I was alternating between that and a talking animal title, too. I decided to drop the latter when my enthusiasm for it lapsed significantly in favor of M101.