Monday, June 21, 2010

Press Release for the 1st issue of Brer Warrior

June 21st 2010 (Pontiac, MI) - Comic book publisher Graffiti On The Sun tags a new dawn over the comic book industry with the release of companies print comic Brer Warrior issue 1.

The comic book series Brer Warrior is loosely based on the folktales of Brer Rabbit. However, Brer Warrior takes what we know about Brer Rabbit stories and infuses them with a mix of pulse pounding kung-fu action, a bit of Science Fiction a street edge and even a bit of social commentary. Giving us not only a fresh take on the character but is the beginning of the beams of new light that Graffiti On The Sun will shine on the comic industry.

“Brer Rabbit was a character that I loved as a kid.” Says Brer Warrior’s creator Martin Jackson. “When I decided to start my comic book company I knew Brer Warrior was a tale I needed to tell.”

Brer Warrior is set in a land of anthropomorphic animal that’s been taken over by a mysteries group of aliens. Life under the rule of these aliens is miserable. Some animals have started to fight back, some niche out position of powers, and some even turn to lives of crime and substance abuse to get by. Brer Warrior is a gifted martial artist who is pretty much wanted by all sides. Will he defend the land and free the animals? Will he side with powers that be or will he fall to a life of crime?

Brer Warrior Issue 1 is on sale right now and can be bought at (

And retailers can order copies at (

“As a new artist I can understand where people will be unwilling to try unknown talent even at a low cover price, so I’m posting one page previews of Brer Warrior issue every week starting June 26 2010, to allow people to see what’s in the book.” States Mr. Jackson.

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