Tuesday, May 3, 2011

mistakes and learning that yes I suck

here is something I have realized for a while but didn't want to share with anyone.

the first issue of Brer Warrior sucks...it looks terrible.

the problem is simple I have been thinking about getting into comics for a long time but haven't really attempted to. sure I submitted a few things to publishers and got them rejected (and that's if I heard anything from them in the first place) but a last year (well the year before last really) I made the leap.

I really didn't know what I was doing but learned a long the way. not kn owning what I was doing I used the wrong tools to work with on that issue. yes I use a pen to ink my book. I know what a moron inking not with brush and some Indian ink but a cheap pen.

I then scanned the book in to low of a res.

also I wasn't really good at coloring the cover...something deep down I notice when I did it but was to high on buzz of getting my first comic book out.

I learn from those mistakes, I'm now inking via gimp, scanning better and working on coloring.

I haven't talked about this because I wasn't sure if I should and to be honest very ashamed but I finally figure it's best to talk about it, maybe by talking about my mistakes someone else will be warned to look at what they are doing and not do the same boneheaded things I did.

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M. Rasheed said...


I ended up redoing at least 6 or 7 pages from the first chapter of Monsters 101, Book One for pretty much the same reason... I was in such a hurry to get it out that I let slide things I shouldn't have let slide while I was learning how to prepare the PDF files for print. Once I got the first printing of the book in my hands I didn't want to let that stuff slide any more. lol

Trust me, it's better to go back and fix/redo that stuff before your work blows up or achieves any amount of public attention. Otherwise you will only feel worse about it.