Friday, May 13, 2011

lonewolf trying to learn not to go at it alone

a little earlier today some family memembers saw some art I had laying around (it was from the minicomic day story) and said how nice it was (which surprised me because I did it so quickly to meet the 24 hour deadline that it's not the best I could do) and my sister in law (is that the correct term for your brother's wife or those that only work for the sister of your wife?) said that i should get into comics. Which I pointed out that I was working on it, it's just that I haven't had much success YET

that's when my youngest brother chimmed in that the problem is that I try to do it all by myself and that they are there to help. Which is very nice to hear.

had me thinking that I guess I do try to do things alone alot, heck people in my family didn't even know I have this comic book company that I spend most of my time on.

Of course so much of this is a solo job, the writing, the drawing the inking, writing blog post, etc that it's easy to forget that to have others help you on the other parts (and maybe with the things i listed as well)


M. Rasheed said...

I think most cartoonists fit that profile, and have acted out this exact scenario in their families at some point. I know I did.

Martin Jackson said...

I assumed that this wasn't a unique scenario, and I'm happy for the help...but even with the offer on the table I'm not sure what I can have them do.

But I guess I can figure something out.