Friday, April 22, 2011

So a while ago when I was working on the second issue of Brer Warrior my brother Brian stoped by as I was inking a page of Brer Warrior on the computer (actually I was getting rid of some of the pencil markets because I was an idiot didn't open a new layer before I started inking it)

He looked at it and said "that's not going to know what you should do...something like the X-men."

I responded "I don't want to do something like the X-men."

"why not? you read the X-men..."

"I haven't read the X-men in years" I told him

"that don't make no sense you used to read it all the time"

It's clear that he assumes that because I still read comics that I have to read the same titles I liked as a kid.

"yeah and I stopped reading them around the mid 90's"

He still didn't either grasp this or didn't believe me.

"That don't make no since (something he says when it's clear he either doesn't understand something or just dismisses it) what the most popular comic...X-men...and what do people want want X-men! So when people are looking for another comic book they want something like the X-men, right? So after they read X-men they will go out and by your book" He said.

"yeah, if someone wants more X-men, Marvel has 3 X-men titles plus a bunch of X-men spin offs for them." I replied

"I didn't now that" he responded

"There where 2 x-men books and 4 or 5 spin-off books when we where kids"

"uh really didn't know that"

The thing that really got me about this was not only the fact that my little brother had no ideal what he is talking about but he said it with such confidence like he had some wise insight to guide me with.

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