Friday, April 29, 2011

off with their heads?

So a while ago I was drawing one of my comics and someone looked at my art work just as I finished drawing a female character's head but before I started drawing the character's body.

well they say that picture and got mad because they just thougth I was drawing sereved head and they started to cuss me out because of it. To put it mildly they basically called me a sick sexist psycho.

I told them that I was finished with the picture and they told me they didn't care as they kept yelling at me for a long time as I tried to explain.

after awhile I gave up and just finished my picture and then they say it and said..."oh"

no sorry, just "oh" and then they said..."why didn't you tell me you where still working on the picture?"

I replied that I did.

and agian they just said "oh"

Don't know why I'm sharing this story except that I thought it was interesting. Things like this is why I tend to not like people watch me while I draw.

I guess I can understand the anger a little the person didn't know what I was drawning and just went on what they say. But I would have thought it would have been easy to see that I was still drawing.

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M. Rasheed said...

uhhh... don't sit next to the clinically psychotic when you draw. That's probably kind of a challenge since you are in Michigan. lol