Tuesday, August 17, 2010

typing this update on a wii


I know i haven't been posting many updates on the 2nd issue brer warrior. that because i took a little bit of time to try and promote the 1st issue and i was working on some other things.

add to the fact that i did start the next issue right away 2 weeks ago my computer got sick. that's right a virus. i'm only able to write this post because i'm using my brother's wii (thanks Jevon)

anyway i don't how long it will take to fix the computer. hopefully it be fixed because i don't have the cash for a new one.

oddly because i can't us it, i've had more time to work on the art. issue 2 is going 2b lightyears better then the first. i just wish i could show you a few scans. hopefully i will be able to soon

don't worry the preview of the 1st issue will still be posted here, since i've had them to go out every saturday at 2:35 am, against long time ago,

thanks everyone and please tell a friend about graffiti on the sun, heck tell a foe or a stranger.

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