Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doubt and the effects on output

After nearly a month of turning out days of art the last few i've notice my rate drop. It's one of those things I guess.

Actually now that I think about it no, I've notice my out but went down after talking to cousin about running this comic company. You see one thing people feel the need to say is how there is no money in comics.,.and believe I know. This was one of those times but my cuz added more of a guilt trip on it.
Which lead me to doubt myself and doing so seemed to put out my artistic fire.

This is something I thought about righting before since it happened to me before during after the first issue of Brer Warrior. Heck it's part of the reason I didn't start working one the 2nd issue right away.

Well I'm going to rekindle my fire so i can go back to turning out a steady stream of art.

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