Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 kilo dekka, unfinished art from an unfinished project that probably wont see the light of day

Earlier in the year I had an ideal for a one shot that basically was tied into the year 2010. I put it to the side to work on other things thinking I'll come back to it. But I didn't and I don't think I have enough time to go back to it and have it out before the end of the year (why have a comic about 2010 come out a year later) and honestly if I did I have other things I would rather work on instead.

So the project is dead. But I thought since I have a few pages already drawn I'd share them with you. They are just some unfinished pencil drawings. if I find the script I'll post up the dialogue later (though I remember one of the jokes is already outdated and the year's not even over)

The last two comics had to do with the year of the tiger I guess I could save them for the next year of the tiger. Well the the last one was a character that's a metal tiger so I'd have to wait until the next year of the tiger where the element is metal which would probable be in about 120 years, which is a pretty long wait. Come back in 2130 to see if that character you see is used again.

and to run with the theme of 2010, there is a reason why I picked this time of day to post this. Can you guess what it is?

hmm maybe i should think of type of no-prize to send someone that gives me an answer.

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